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Water Proofing Compound And Services

We provide strength and durability along with water proofing. In our company we adopt the tradition of innovation. Waltzer India has built its reputation and business by bringing to the customer a wide range of high quality products for a wide range of domestic and international market.

 We are solving problems of construction industry by our cutting edge technology. Our back bone is continuous efforts towards various research and development (R&D) by our


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Water Proof Additive for Cement

Water Proof Additive for Cement
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Approx. Rs 600 / Litre
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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity500 Litre
Packaging Size20kg
Form Of ChemicalSlurry, Solid, Liquid
CategoryCementitious Waterproofing
Grade StandardAnalytical Grade
Packaging TypeAll Standard
Surface Of ApplicationAll type

Additive for Cement

WAC is a highly concentrated multipurpose Latex Emulsion Based liquid modifier useful as an additive for concrete mortars in repair/ water proofing applications as well as protective coating to cementious substances.

Application Procedure

Surface for treatments must be thoroughly cleaned of all laitance, loose materials, oils, greases, etc. Mix WAC water and cement thoroughly in 1:1:3 proportion in weight. Pre wet the surface before application. Apply 1st coat, allow it to dry for 30 minutes. Apply second coat and allow in to dry. If required overlay concrete screed/mortar when 2nd coat is tacky. Cure the screed/mortar for minimum 3 days.

At the time of Construction

When used as an admixture with cement concrete mortar it works as a hardner, wetting and finishing agent. For fast setting it is recommended in cement concrete mixture @100 gms to 500 gms per bags of cement (50 Kg) When used with cement curing is must as per norms.

Area of application (external coating)Bridges, decks, parking areas in highways, Reinforcement steel to prevent corrosion. Stepping terraces and flat roofs. Repairs of worn, damaged and spoiled concrete. For injection, pressure and precision grouting. Kitchen bathrooms, side walls, swimming pools, safety tanks etc.
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CAM- Cement Admixture

CAM- Cement Admixture
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Approx. Rs 800 / Litre
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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity50 Litre
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
Packaging TypeBarrel
Type Of AdmixtureSnf Based Admixture
Moisture ContentVery low

C.A.M. Integral Cement Admixture.

CAM is triple action unique composition of Organic & Inorganic chemicals. Specially formulated for integral self waterproofing, free flow concrete, to resist growth of micro-organisms and fungus. For effective waterproofing to fill up capillaries in concrete and masonary work. Water reducer and plasticizer cement concrete to manufacture precast concrete elements, cantirileves, structure pretressed concrete, tiles etc. CAM ensures substantial saving in cement, water, time, labour, cost etc. Long life of steel reinforcement is also considerably enhanced.

Area of Application

Powerful admixture for cement concrete and plaster in buildings and construction jobs like : plinth, columns, beams, reservoirs, safety tanks, basements, toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, tiles, roofs, terraces, perafets, chajjas, watertanks, bridges, channels, seawalls, dams, highways, swimming pools, ponds and fountains etc.

Multiple Advantages
  • Ensures homogeneous and consistent mortar mix with no risk of segregation.
  • Due to fast wetting of cement particles lumps are not formed and the cohesive mix ensures compact mass formation thereby increasing strength of the concrete.
  • Long Lasting control slump loss.
  • Increases work ability and finish without raising water.
  • Good grain stability with increased durability and lower water pick up of concrete.
  • Reduces cracks and shrinkage in cement concrete making the concrete impermeable.
  • Resists frost and prevents efflorescence.
  • Prevents water condensation on interior walls by allowing normal breathing of concrete.
  • The life of steel reinforcement increases due to negligible chlorides and sulphates in the product.
  • Concrete structure becomes more dependable due to lower permeability and extra strength at an early stage.
  • It allows early removal of form work due to early gain of strength and gives high mechanical properties to the production of concrete elements.
  • Safe eco-friendly, hygienic and powerful anti fungal, antimicrobial.
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Aquaseal Waterproofing Service

Aquaseal Waterproofing Service
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Approx. Rs 450 / Square Feet
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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity100 Square Feet
Type Of ConstructionCommercial
Service TypeOffline
Water Proofing MaterialChemical
Thickness2- 5 mm

The Novel Bacteria Based Self Repairing Anti Fungal Nano Technology 
  • Drastic Reduction in Masonary Maintenance cost with long term improved resistance to Vagaries of the weather.
  • Protects Building Saves energy and keeps Substrate dry reducing the thermal conductivity.
  • A very economical water dilute solution designed to impart repellency to masonry surfaces.
Why Aquaseal ?

A New Generation Chemical for Building & Structure. Aquaseal v/s Traditional Waterproofing Chemical.

Common Waterproofing Products
Novel Bacteria Based Self Repairing Nanotechnology of water proofing
Not Possible
Easy to apply, economical, water repellent property maintained for years (20+ Years)
Not easily applicable costlier & short life (2-5 Years).
Breathable coating allows water vapor to pass. Keeps substrate dry. No Detoriation occurs.
Film Forming coating blocks breath ability of structures under the surface detoriate and weakens the sustrate.
The treated surface turns hydrophobic and no longer allows to penetrate water into cracks. It cannot be wetted by water.
Film Forming coatings remains hydrophilic. Due to vagaries of weather film cracks and water enters to crack
Reduces thermal conductivity.
Increases thermal conductivity.
Through capillaries drastic reduction in water uptake.
No reduction in water uptake.
Resistant to Abrasion, Thermal, U.V.
Vulnerable to abrasion, thermal, UV
No shining, No tackiness, No health risk.
Shining, Tacky, health hazardous.
Environment Friendly.
No Environment Friendly.

Application Area

Imparting Water Repellency to concrete/reinforced concrete as in :

- Terraces
- Sidewalls
- Overhead Tanks
- Balcony
- Utility Areas
- Basements
- Elevator Pits
- Podiums
- Toilets
- Swimming Pools
- Bridges
- Flyovers
- Highways
  • For treatment of manufactured and natural stones like Lime Stone, Sand Stone, precast Stone, Granite and Ceramics to reduce efflorescence. To keep surface clean and to improve resistance to weathering.
  • For coating of concrete, open bricks, Glazed and Decorative tiles to seal off moisture.
  • For combating capillary rising damp in masonry by injection into bore holes.



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Wall Paint Rainproof Coating

Wall Paint Rainproof Coating
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Approx. Rs 400 / Litre
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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity50 Litre
Color PreferenceBase paint
FinishHigh Sheen
Types Of Exterior Wall PaintCement Paints, Emulsions
CategoryLatex Based

Rainproof Plus is ideal preparation of elastomeric wall coating used as long lasting, waterproof, dirt free protective finish with excellent weather ability, extended visually attractive coating and highly efficient in masking of wall defects of exterior walls of the building. Resistance to water alkali and the growth of micro organism.

A Revolutionary Paint
Based on pure acrylic elastomeric synthetic resin with special additives to develop crack free beautiful paint film with greater strength for longer lasting sparkling colour stay.
The revolutionary paint contains UV resistant pigments and chemicals to prevent the paint film from tarnishing. It also ensures brighter and cleaner surface with its unique dust pick up resistance property.

Ultimate Lotus Leaf Technology
Due to hydrophobic nature of Rainproof Coat, on its coated surface like Lotus Leaf water rolls down in little beads without penetration or wetting.

Best Stain Resistance
RPC insures the best resistance to stains by creating non porous, elastomeric dense surface. Stains are prevented from penetrating in the beautifully coated walls, means cleaning and maintenance of surface is quite easy.

Unmatched antimicrobial properties
It is an unmatched formula for hygienic and health living environment. The anti fungal and antibacterial formula of RPC resists microbial growth and inhibit antimicrobial properties on the paint film.

Enhanced Crack Bridging Property
Usually wall cracks develop due to structural defects, heat and cold expansion and contraction. To take care of crack RPC is an ultimate elastomeric coating is capable of elongation of upto 300-400%. The ultimate elasticity ensures your wall crack free and beautiful.

Superior Flame Resistance
In its category of paints it has the distinction of having the slowest flame spread rate which offers better fire safety and security.

Go Green
It is world class odorless high performance paint. It complies to international low-VOC( Volatile Organic Compound) specification and does not contain any hazardous ingredients like Lead, Heavy Metals, Toxic materials as per the guidelines of the international GS11 standards.

Spectrum of colours
Nos of combination shades can be developed with the base with luxurious finish.
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